Our Purpose:

To help companies solve their short run label challenges.

Graphic Marking Systems has decades of experience selling, installing, and supporting label and sign production equipment.  We are passionate about demonstrating and implementing solutions that solve our customers’ labeling challenges. We gain satisfaction by helping you expand the breadth of what you can cost-effectively produce in-house.

Some printing systems are touted as being “easier or cheaper.” However, as automation goes, “easier” often limits the choice of materials and other capabilities. This limits the creativity of an engineer or artist. People are often misguided to an incomplete solution. It frustrates us to see brilliant ideas from creative people funneled into cookie-cutter systems that use common materials.  When you are exposed to a system by one of our specialists, you will gain insights that will change your paradigm.

At Graphic Marking Systems, we like to put ourselves in your shoes. We want to understand your goals and frustrations, and we are eager to help you find a solution. It should be easier to get your “proof of concepts” and products to market. Why should prototypes and short-runs of durable labels, decals, and overlays be such a complicated process?  They don’t have to be.

Our complete design and production systems also accept data imports that have become integral parts of many markings.  Knowing that, why would you want to farm out your projects when you can have the control and convenience of an in-house work cell? Our systems, materials, and training are anything but status quo…So why settle for the status quo?

If you are the kind of person who wants complete control over your labeling and marking needs, without any creative limitations, we probably have a solution for you.

Our Focus: We focus on sales, product development, and the personalization segments of businesses that depend on professional prototypes and short runs of markings for their products and presentations.

Our Experience gives us the ability to focus on each client’s unique situation while recommending the right materials for the application (as well as instruction) every step of the way. The staff of Graphic Marking Systems has close to a century of combined experience in the digital and traditional printing industry. Our clients include small “cottage” businesses, trade shops, and small and large manufacturers all across the country.

Our History: We started the company in 1994, shortly after the introduction of the Gerber Edge®.