How It Works:

Armalex films are specially formulated for subsurface printing with the Gerber Edge®.  A clear mask protects the smooth print surface while it is in transit.  The protective mask is removed just before printing.  Once the graphic overlay is printed, adhesive is usually applied.  And now you can mask off areas where you don’t want adhesive such as windows (as shown above).

How is Armalex™ Different than Lexan®?

Armalex is specially coated Lexan that is formulated for the Gerber Edge.  It is coated on the print side for optimum thermal resin receptivity.  The coating is then covered with a protective mask to protect the print surface until it is ready to be used.  The two Armalex Gloss products are masked on both sides to protect the gloss top surface from being scratched during the production process.  Armalex Hard Shell is coated on the top side with a hard shell UV coating that resists scratching and passes 5-year UV tests.

Why is it a System?

Armalex is a system because we match several components that are all ready to be processed using the Gerber Edge production system.  We supply materials, adhesives, and procedures that are necessary to build constructions using the Gerber EDGE printing system.

The Gerber EDGE (in combination with an integrated cutter) will print all of the components (including electrically conductive foils).  The integrated cutter will cut all of the components that are in registration with the print.  The cost of the production system is between 25K and 35K for those companies who are interested in starting an in-house operation.

We start with specially-coated Lexan and PET films which are designed to work specifically with thermal printing systems. This, combined with OEM or select non-OEM foils, make up the graphical parts of the construction.  Spacer layers can then be cut with and without adhesive for later assembly.  The Gerber system has the ability to cut selective areas of adhesive by using Armalex Mask.  This gives you the ability to put adhesive where you want it.  Armalex mask is compatible with most of the popular transfer adhesives.


What can you make?  If you can make with Lexan you can probably make with Armalex.

Since Armalex is made from Lexan, you get all the benefits of Lexan plus the extra benefits of Armalex.

  • Armalex is made for thermal printers.
  • Armalex works specifically with Armalex Mask.
  • Armalex works with a huge variety of adhesives.

Armalex can be used for (but certainly is not limited to):

  • Membrane switches
  • Control panels
  • Sub-surface signage


High-Bond or 3M™ (and which 3M adhesive)?

Knowing which adhesive to use is key to the success of your project.  We have a vast amount of experience helping people choose adhesives as well as manufacturing adhesives.  In many cases, adhesives are already specked for the surface.

Knowing the answers to the following questions can narrow down your choice:

  • How long will the item be used?
  • Do you need a UL® Recognized construction?
  • Will there be high-temperatures?
  • Will there be exposure to chemicals?  If so, which ones?
  • Will there be exposure to sunlight?

Knowing these answers will give you a better idea of what to choose.

Look at our adhesives page for detailed information on what to choose.