New for the Printed Electronics Industry:

On-demand printing of circuitry is now possible with InkTronic™ Conductive and dielectric foil.  This foil allows companies who have a Gerber Edge® printer to print cost-effective on-demand prototypes and short runs of printed circuits that are placed directly onto flexible materials such as PolyTronic™ polyester, Armalex™, Polyimide, Kapton®, and High-Bond polyester. InkTronic is a resin foil pigmented with conductive aluminum particles.

InkTronic conductive foil gives you consistent thickness and sharp lines and traces.  InkTronic is ready to be used immediately after printing without any post-process sintering.

  • Dielectric foil is also available.
  • Volume Resistivity = 3.00 µΩ·cm
  • Power Capacity = 2.50W
  • Maximum Current Density = 410 A/mm
  • Bend Test (ASTM F2750-09), Percent increase in resistivity after 100 bends- Compression 0.65%
  • Bend Test (ASTM F2750-09), Percent increase in resistivity after 100 bends- Extension 0.50%
  • Cross – Hatch Adhesion Test (ASTM F1842-09) = 5
  • Environmental Aging Test (ASTM F1996-06)  38°C, 95%RH, 10 days = Pass
  • Drying Time – Immediate
  • Sintering – Not Required
  • Thickness = To 0.3 µ

The picture below shows InkTronic printed on the bottom layer (left) and the push button layer that connects the circuit (second from the right). InkTronic was printed on PolyTronic™ 5 mil polyester.  The graphic layer (right) was printed on Armalex™ Velvet Gloss polycarbonate.