Armalex™ Gloss/Gloss

Armalex Gloss/Gloss starts as a Lexan® 8010 polycarbonate film and is then coated on the print side for thermal transfer printing. Due to the ease of scratching during production, we add an extra protective mask onto the non-print side which can be left on until the completed installation. For extra protection from scratching and UV damage, try Armalex Hard Shell Gloss.

All Armalex films have a smooth print surface and are rolled “print side” out. Applications include graphic overlays for membrane switches and control panels, back-lit displays and dials, and sub-surface signage. Click here for roll pricing.

Armalex is available by itself or in a bundle with popular adhesives such as GMS High-Bond, 3M 467, 468, and 9471LE/300LSE.  Click here for pricing on bundles.

If you need selective areas of adhesive, you will want to use Armalex and use the Armalex Selective Adhesive Mask to mask off the areas where you don’t want to have adhesive. If you don’t need selective areas of adhesive and you would rather print “right reading” and use a laminate, we have Wet-Look high-gloss laminates that achieve similar results in the same applications. Wet-Look HS is chemical and UV resistant.



Armalex Gloss shines with vibrant colors.


Armalex Gloss has two protective masks that protect the shine.


Armalex Gloss is 10 mils. thick and cuts cleanly.


Armalex 10 mil. Gloss/Gloss 10 mil. reverse-print Lexan® with a high-gloss top surface and a smooth surface for printing. This material has a protective mask on both sides to protect it from scratching in the production process. Not intended for long term UV exposure.

Description: Rigid, clear Polycarbonate with a gloss top surface and a smooth sub-surface that is coated for thermal transfer printing.  Armalex is rolled “print side” out and has a protective mask on both sides of the Polycarbonate that protects the polycarbonate material from blocking and scratching. Prior to printing, remove the protective mask from the outside wrap of the roll.  Intended uses include sub-surface signage as well as graphic overlays for membrane switches and control panels.

Thickness: 10 mil without the protective liner.

Outdoor Life: Intended for indoor use. May discolor over time with continuous exposure to UV light.

Shelf Life: 1 year stored at 70º F and 50% RH.

Adhesive: Although Armalex does not have adhesive, pressure-sensitive transfer adhesives are often used with it. Adhesives should be compatible with polycarbonates.

Service Temperature Ranges: from -40º F to 212º F.

General Application Notes: Remove the protective cap from the portion of the roll where it is intended to be printed. Once printed, use a paper interleaf between the finished sheets if they are to be stacked. If you must clean the surface, use distilled water and let dry before printing. Do not expose to alcohol, strong Alkalis, Amines, Esters, Aromatic Hydrocarbons, or Ketones. Use mild detergents or sprays to clean the gloss’ non-print surface.  USE A 45º BLADE FOR SCORE CUTTING.

Fine Print All of the descriptive information listed above is our recommendation only. This information does not suggest nor constitute a written or verbal warranty or guaranty of any kind by the manufacturer or distributor of this product. Purchasers of this product shall be responsible for independently determining the suitability of the material for the intended application.