Armalex™ Mask: Revolutionary Evolution

ARMALEX Selective Adhesive Mask

There is now an easier way to mask off areas that you don’t want adhesive on. We know some X-Acto® ninjas that may feel threatened by this innovation, but now there is simply a better way.  Click here for pricing.

Now, Armalex Mask gives you the ability to place adhesive exactly where you want it.  The Gerber system is indexed with sprockets that move the material and keep it in registration color to color, color to cut, and cut to cut. With the introduction of Omega 3.0 software several years ago, it gave the user the ability to assign different cut paths and attributes to layers. And Gerber has only improved those capabilities in subsequent versions of Omega. Using the selective adhesive mask is pretty easy.  Just give us a call or e-mail us for simple instructions. Armalex Mask is even offered in a bundle with your favorite Armalex.  Click here to get bundled pricing.

You can offer this service right now. You can perform the miracle of selective adhesive. X-Acto ninjas are not required.

Armalex Clear polycarbonate

Armalex mask allows you to easily remove adhesive from where you don’t want it.

Armalex Membrane Switch

You can cut out exactly what you need and where you need it…digitally!

Armalex polycarbonate with window

This gives you a consistent and fast way to have clear windows without the hand-work.