3M™ 9471LE & 9472LE
Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive

3M 9471LE and 9472LE is 300LSE Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive.  The difference is the thickness.
The thickness of 9471LE is 2 mils.  The thickness of 9472LE is 5 mils. and is more suited for rough, textured surfaces.

Technical Data Sheet (PDF)


• 3M™ Adhesive 300LSE is a hi-strength acrylic adhesive that provides a very high bond
strength to most surfaces.
• Excellent bond to low surface energy plastics such as, polypropylene and powder coatings.
• Excellent adhesion to lightly oiled surfaces typical of machine parts.
• Thickness range of 2.0 mils, 3.5 mils, 5.0 mils and 8.5 mils for use on smooth, or rough
• Extremely smooth adhesive for excellent graphics appearance.

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