Armalex is a rigid, clear polycarbonate film that is available in four finishes.  These films are tough and very durable. They are preferred by many companies who want a clear, protective barrier to exist between their graphics or information markings, and the industrial environment where they will reside. Armalex films are specially formulated for subsurface printing with the Gerber EDGE®.

We have developed matched products to integrate with Armalex (such as Armalex Selective Adhesive Mask and Polytronic™ spacer materials).

Inktronic™ conductive foil is an exciting new innovative product that allows you to print circuitry with the Gerber EDGE.

Use these combinations of films, spacer materials, and adhesives to create prototypes and short runs of membrane switch overlays, control panels, and signs.  Click here to request samples of Armalex.

Armalex polycarbonate with window

Print professional overlays for switches and control panels.


Armalex Membrane Switch

Armalex mask allows you to eas­ily mask off areas where you don’t want adhesive.

Armalex Clear polycarbonate

Armalex pro­vides excel­lent clar­ity for text and windows.